Denver Colorado Skyline and Mountains

Born Developer

My grandmother taught me how to use a computer in 1986 when I was 7 years old. It was actually my first experience writing code. She had about 3 years worth of "BASIC" magazine. In the back they had the code for some game or program written out. I used to spend days typing it all out, and then weeks fixing all the mistakes I made. I believe that this cultivated my attention to detail.

General Info

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA but now I live in Denver, CO with my wife Tristi and my 3 year old daughter Sophia. I've worked as a software developer for a financial services company and an HOA management software company. I'm now a full-time freelancer. I make my own cold-brewed coffee with a process I have created on my own, it's a secret so don't ask 😃.


I'm an advocate for women, minorities, people with special needs, really any under-represented group. Learning to code can really open so many doors and I believe that anyone can do it. I went from a just-above-minimum-wage job to working as a software developer to a financial services company on the 33rd floor of the largest building downtown Denver. I have made it my mission to pay forward all of the people that helped me by helping others...especially those that find it more difficult. I mentor new developers, coach mid-level developers and pass on knowledge from more senior developers.